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Prepare to fight!

Joint Forces "South Rus" are the Viking re-enactment organisation.We are reconstructing norse mercenaries of Old Russia (Personal guards of slavonic prince). The Main trends of the work are a reconstruction of the cloth, footwear,weapons, disposition and traditions typical for Scandinavia and Russia in 9-11 centuries (Age of Vikings).
Most of our members are masters in different crafts (woodcarving, blacksmithing,shoemaking, weapon making and many others). Also we have a rich experience in fencing on different type early-medieval weapon.

Why exactly "Joint Forces" ?
This is because for the this moment in our organization we have people from two re-enactment clubs - "The Spear" (t.Yelets,Russia) and "The Druzhina" (t.Belgorod,Russia).

Joint Forces "South Rus" is an organization open for entering in it other clubs and individuals. Entering can be in the form of the Ally and as The Member of "JFSR".Conditions of the entering as The Member are stated in "The South Rus" Rules.
Ally can become each who agree with requirements of the Union Agreement and want to be with as in all our victories and defeats.

Activity of JFSR co-ordinate two persons -
Semenov Pavel "Pal"(t.Yelets)
Anisimov Konstantin "Gunnar"(t. Belgorod)

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